Decide what type of slate you want, sticks or no sticks, and when you'll need them by.

Tiny Slate 6"


Dummy Slate 11"


Timecode Faceplate
Ambient ANC & ACD 301
 Denecke TS2 & TS3


Big Slate 35"


Micro Insert Slate 3"


Nano Slate (inc sticks) 3"


Clapper Sticks 11"


Clapper Sticks 6"


Design Fee
Need help with your design?


Focus Star 3"






All prices are inclusive of GST.

Orders: Placing an order here will automatically raise an invoice which will be sent to your email within 24hrs, along with any templates for slates ordered. Upon payment receipt and finalised designs, work will commence on your slates.

Turnaround times: One week from payment receipt and finalised designs is when you should expect your slate in the mail. Excludes custom slate shapes and Big Slates which will have extended shipping times.

Shipping: Postage costs are added at checkout. All orders are Express Post unless otherwise mentioned.